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DVD Video: "38 Years of Music Productions!" * Released 13 June 2019 * CMV-13062019 * Time: 1:24:40 * FREE SHIPPING in the United States on single item purchases!
78 years ago on 13 June 1946 Mike Johnson came into the world! 38 years ago he went to Nashville in April 1981 for his first professional recording session at Jim Maxwell's Globe Recording Studio. 32 years ago he created Roughshod Records for his country songs and You and Me Records for his non-country songs. On 13 June 2019, he released a 2-song CD Single on You and Me Records 32nd Anniversary!
This is an Audio/Visual Presentation of all 73 releases produced by Mike Johnson from 1981 to 2019, with commentaries, featuring 5 Pre-Roughshod releases, 11 Cassette releases, and 60 CD releases. 
1. Introduction
2. Pre-Roughshod Releases
3. Roughshod Records Cassettes
4. Roughshod Records CDs 1-40
5. Roughshod Records CDs 41-54
6. You and Me Records CDs 1-6
7. Dedication
CAUTION! This video is NTSC (US) formatted!

DVD: Mike Johnson Celebrates 38 Years of Music Productions!

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