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"Country Sounds" a James Adelsberger Instrumental

"Country Sounds" the new You and Me Records CD featuring the musical talents of James Adelsberger is now AVAILABLE!

Released on 26 November 2015, this dynamic Instrumental featuring 12 exciting compositions will take you on a marvelous musical journey that will stay with you for a long time. We're extremely excited about this, because its the label's second release since its creation in June 1987! A second Instrumental, scheduled to release at the same time, has been temporarily delayed until next year.

On Saturday 19 December 2015, Roughshod Records SideKicks James Adelsberger and Mike Johnson will be performing at Joe's Place in Woodbridge, Virginia from 3pm to 6pm. They'll have plenty of Mike and James' CDs, and a few surprises in store.

A very popular weekend hang-out, Joe's Place, along with a number of businesses along US Route 1, was forced to relocated from its long-tme home when the state decided to widen the highway south bound from Fort Belvoir towards Fredericksburg, to ease the traffic on US-95. Now in the very spacious parking lot of Gordon Plaza, on Route 123 North, just off of US-1. Joe's continues to serve up mouth-watering pizza, their famous Hippie Rolls, and cold beer!

Joe's Place, 13275 Gordon Blvd. Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 - 703-491 8498 * Drop in and tell'em Mike Johnson & James Adelsberger sent you.

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