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Roughshod Records 49th & 50th CDs on CD Baby

   Roughshod Records 49th CD, James Adelsberger's "OLD TIME COUNTRY SONGS ARE THEY REALLY DEAD AND GONE?" and 50th CD, Mike Johnson's "DOGGONE IT I'VE WRITTEN A SAD SONG AGAIN" are now available on CD Baby as of 12 June 2015.


   James' 13-song release features "Riversong" written by him and "Could Be the Whiskey Talkin'" co-written by him and Mike Johnson. All other songs were written by Mike Johnson, with a co-write on "Liquid Hell" by Leo Maimone. James taps Mike for back-up vocals on "Anybody Here Love a Nut?' and the yodeling song "Your Old Lady Strut."

   Bob Everhart writing for Tradition Magazine in Anita, Iowa, states in part, a "...incredibly 'country' country CD..." and goes on to state that his CD " not only above board pure country music, it's a reflection of the really good abilities of James, from vocals to every single instrument used in the session, a well as his incredible production ear which is phenomenal..."

   Ed King writing for Entertainment News in Santa Fe, Texas states in part "...A 13-song remarkable CD album... My overall impression is that this young man should have been doing this 50 years ago when Traditional style music was in style. James would have been rated with such greats as Ernest Tubb, Roger Miller and the long lists of famous artists we have lost..."


   Mike's 12-song release is a reflection of the types of traditional country he listened to during the 1950s and 1960s. No yodeling on this one, for which Mike is well known. And not all sad songs either like "The Day Hank Williams Died" and "Home For Sunday Supper." There's some light-hearted fun with "Isn't Goofy Something At All?" and "Chug-A-Lug Another One" a duet with him and James, and also a reflection of Roger Miller's influence. Mike wrote all the songs and his country blues song "Pain! Pain! Pain! is sure to get your attention.

   Bob Everhart writing for Tradition Magazine states in part "...writing and recording some of the best 'real' country songs I' ever had the pleasure to listen to...The stories in the songs are all here, just as 'real' country music has always been...The 'topics' of the songs are all here, just as 'real' country music has always been... an artistic work incredibly well done..."

   Ed King writing for Entertainment News in Santa Fe, Texas states in part “…Mike has become a leading country traditionalist over the past years. His music explores concepts about real country. His new album “Doggone It I’ve Written A Sad Song Again” takes traditional country, one of our most pervasive natural forces into its encompassing theme…”


   Traditional Country Music has a sound. And the instruments play a role that is equally as important as the singer. These two releases are the proof in the pudding that Executive Producer Mike Johnson and Co-Producer James Adelsberger definitely know how to keep the 'Country' in the music! James played all the instruments, created the music tracks, and wrote the scores for his friend Michael Romans who provided the excellent fiddling. Both releases, as with any Roughshod Records productions are also available directly from Roughshod Records. Locally you can also obtain them from Plan 9 Music in Richmond, Virginia. CD Cellars in Arlington & Falls Church Virginia, and Mobius Records and Fairfax Record & Tape Exchange, both in Fairfax, Virginia. If you're a fan of traditional country music that us baby-boomers grew up on, these are the albums for you!

Joe Arnold, manager Roughshod Records


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