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Roughshod Records 51st & 52nd CDs released August 2016

Howdy Y'all!

   It gives me great pleasure to announce that on 8 August 2016 Roughshod Records officially released its 51st and 52nd CDs! Two more great albums by Mike Johnson and James Adelsberger, filled with ballads, yodeling, drinking and good love and love done me wrong songs1 The stuff that made country music, Country Music!


   RCD51 "Let Me Die In a Honky Tonk!" is a 14 song treat, featuring Mike Johnson singing the types of songs he grew up on, and writes. Johnson turned 70 in June 2016, and this release also demonstrates, he’s not ready to hang up his spurs. As usual he wrote all the songs and his label-mate & co-owner, James Adelsberger brought them to life, along with the assistance of his fantastic fiddling friend, Michael Romans.

   Honky tonking with the title cut “Let Me Die In a Honky Tonk!” “Could You Spare Me a Quarter” and “I Will Hitch a Ride With Joe” to trucking and truck stops in “Break One-Nine!” and “Bertha” and good and bad love “Nuthin’ Honey” “How Come They All Know” and There’s Something In Between Us” and four yodeling songs in all, to make up for the lack of any on his last release. This release is classic Mike Johnson keepin’ the “country” in his music!


   RCD52 “My Heart Still Sees is a 13 song wonder featuring James Adelsberger’s coming-of-age debut as an artist no longer in the shadow of his mentor. James applies his newly developed unique style to some very carefully self-selected songs and delivers them with warmth, emotion, and deliberation. From passion in “My Heart Still Sees” “Pictures On the Wall” “Another Lonely Night” and “Face Without a Name” to ballads like “Sittin’ In a Truck Stop Down In Georgia” “He Wrote the Song On the Jukebox” and “High Lonesome” [a yodeling song] and back-up choruses, James paints some very vivid pictures on the mind’s walls.

   Though Mike Johnson wrote all of the songs, James wrote new music for four of them, explaining that he had some ideas he wanted to try out. Mike loved them and approved the new co-writes, especially “Here We Go Again” to which James not only wrote new music, but also added several verses, and a Bob Wills western swing touch!

Once again we were fortunate enough to get Michael Romans to provide more of his fantastic fiddling. James, who turned 21 in March 2016, is living proof some young’uns do know a thing or two about traditional country music!


Both of these great CDs are available at our Roughshod Records Web Store.


Joe Arnold, manager Roughshod Records


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