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Released 13 June 1999 * UPC: 634479282812 * Time: 40:49
Mike Johnson, Country Music's No.1 Black Yodeler, gives you Traditional Country sounds and Yodeling songs that keep the "Country" in the music.
On 1 September 2002 Mike Johnson was inducted into America's Old-Time Country Music Hall Of Fame by the National Traditional Country Music Association. In September 2006 “Yeah I’m a Cowboy” was released on Bart Plantenga’s 18-song compilation “Rough Guide to Yodel” produced by the World Music Network in London, England.
In April 2007, his Yodel Song Archives, containing 114 yodeling songs written and composed by him, and related material, were inducted into the Recorded Sound Reference Center's permanent music collection in the Library of Congress. This CD is one of the items in that collection.
1. Black Yodel No.1 [yodeling]
2. I Never Really Learned to Play Guitar
3. Just A Nobody [yodeling]
4. Always For You
5. Hooked On Rodeo [yodeling]
6. Here’s to Jim and Tammy
7. I Believe In Roy Rogers [yodeling]
8. Pictures On the Wall
9. As Long As There Is Music [yodeling]
10. Me and My Friend Jim [yodeling]
11. You Scratch My Back
12. Yeah I’m A Cowboy [yodeling]

Black Yodel No.1, the Song, the Songwriter [RCD1]

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