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2016 Rural Roots Music Commission "Instrumental CD of the Year"
Released: 26 November 2015 * YCD1-26112015
UPC: 061946000479 * Time: 57:06
You and Me Records 2nd release features Roughshod Records James Adelsberger doing what he does best. Music!
This 12-song instrumental will take you on a musical journey that will stay with you for a long time. Nine songs were written by Mike Johnson, including one co-write "Could Be the Whiskey Talkin" with James, who shows off his own composing skills with "Electric Palm Jam" "Mountain Man" and "Riversong." The sum total is that good music can tell good stories without singing a lick.
1. Back Home Again
2. Chug-A-Lug Another One
3. Could Be the Whiskey Talkin'
4. Electric Palm Jam
5. Guitar Pickin' Motorcycles Hungry Women
6. Liquid Hell
7. Me and My Sad Self
8. Mountain Man
9. Old Lovesick Fool
10. Riversong
11. The Day Hank Williams Died
12. The Holy River

Country Sounds [YCD1]

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