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Released 13 July 1999 * UPC: 634479502446 * Time: 38:54
The emotional Country side of Mike Johnson features a lineup that will tug at your heart-strings, warm your insides and become a treasured favorite for years to come. The title track, “Did You Hug Your Mother Today?” was Mike Johnson's first Radio Hit. It aired for three weeks straight surrounding Mother's Day in 1994 on the Michigan Jamboree Radio Show in Sparta and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Also featured is “Pigtails and Bubblegum” co-written by Leo Maimone.
On 1 September 2002 Mike Johnson was inducted into America's Old-Time Country Music Hall Of Fame by the National Traditional Country Music Association. In April 2007, this CD and related Mike Johnson music, was inducted into the Recorded Sound Reference Center's permanent music collection in the Library of Congress.
1. Did You Hug Your Mother Today?
2. Take Time Out, don’t take it out on your Kid
3. Sammy
4. Me and My Friend Jim [yodeling]
5. Pigtails and Bubblegumn
6. Little Boys and Doggies
7. I Can’t Believe I’m Fallin’
8. Let’s Take It Easy
9. Snakes Don’t Sleep On a Hot Rock
10. I Hear Her Words Ringin’

Did You Hug Your Mother Today? [RCD2]

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