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Released: 13 June 2017 * YCD3-13062017-2 * UPC: 061946000523 * Time: 38:35
This 4th You and Me Records CD has the distinction of being released on the label's 30th Anniversary, 13 June 2017! All of the songs were written by Mike Johnson, but James re-wrote the music for three of these for his vocal CD "My Heart Still Sees!" released in August 2016; "Here We Go Again" "Face Without a Name" and He Wrote the Song On the Jukebox." That CD was also nominated for "Original Classic Country CD of the Year" by the Rural Roots Music Commission in May 2017!
Here We Go Again with James Adelsberger proving once again that a good sound track can stand on its own as an independent composition.
1. Here We Go Again
2. Bertha
3. Back Into the Fold
4. How Come They All Know?
5. Pictures On the Wall
6. Nuthin' Honey
7. Face Without a Name
8. I Don't Wanna See You No More!
9. My Heart Still Sees
10. Could You Spare Me a Quarter?
11. He Wrote the Song On the Jukebox
12. Break-One Nine!

Here We Go Again! [YCD3]

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