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Received the Rural Roots Music Commission's 2017 "Legendary Honky Tonk CD of the Year" award at the 42nd National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa!
Released 13 August 2016 * RCD51-13082016-1 * UPC: 061946000486 * Time: 43:09 * $12.99
This CD is classic Mike Johnson! Honky tonks, truck stops, good love, bad love, and yodeling up a storm. Once again James created some great music and Michael Romans provides his fantastic fiddling. Track No.14, “Roughshod Records SideKicks” is the performing theme song for Mike Johnson and James Adelsberger. Mike sings the sings the lead and James joins in, and James sings the lead on his CD “My Heart Still Sees” and Mike joins in.
1. Let Me Die In a Honky Tonk!
2. Could You Spare Me a Quarter?
3. I Will Hitch a Ride With Joe (duet with James Adelsberger)
4. Jack Johnny Jim Jose’
5. Bertha
6. Break One-Nine!
7. I Don’t Give a Damn About a Damn Thing
8. Coyote Yodel
9. Nuthin’ Honey (duet with James Adelsberger)
10. There’s Something in Between Us
11. How Come They All Know?
12. I Don’t Wanna See You No More
13. Happy Yodeling Man
14. Roughshod Records SideKicks (duet with James Adelsberger)

Let Me Die In a Honky Tonk! [RCD51]

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