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RCD22: Mike Johnson Yodeling 40 Years!

Released 14 August 2006 * UPC: 061946000202 * $50.00


Mike Johnson is Country Music’s No.1 Black Yodeler. He first learned to yodel as a child during the 1950s imitating the “Tarzan call” of Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller, and has since written over 150 yodeling songs utilizing single, double and triple yodels. This 2-disc CD set contains 50 songs, with lyrics co-written by his friend Leo Maimone on “Just a Country Singer.” The Booklet describes each song by the title, the date written, and as a studio recording, live performance, or a solo acoustic session.


Disc-1 Time: 77:13

1. Just a Nobody

2. The Beers In the Cabin

3. Around the Corner Around the Globe

4. As Long As There Is Music

5. The Yodel

6. High Lonesome

7. Hooked On Rodeo

8. Your Old Lady

9. High Steppin’ Pony

10. I Believe In Roy Rogers

11. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

12. He Promised Me a Ring For My Finger

13. Black Yodel No.1

14. T-Shirt Yodel

15. Just a Country Singer (co-writer Leo Maimone)

16. Me and My Friend Jim

17. Coyote Yodel

18. I Aim To Be the Best

19. Yeah I’m a Cowboy

20. Tarzan Did!


Disc-2  Time: 79:51                                                   

1. Yodel Round Up

2. Yodel Cross the Mountain

3. Wild Horse Yodel

4. A Good Old Yodelin’ Song

5. Time Don’t Mean a Thing

6. In the Moonlight

8. Snuggle-Up Yodel

7. Happy Yodelin’ Man

9. Teach Us To Yodel!

10. Occoquan Coffee House Yodel

11. Yodel Mike!

12. Tryin’ To Be a Yodelin’ Song

13. The Rain Is Coming Down

14. Yodel In the Blues

15. Coffee House Yodel Lesson

16. Black Yodel No.2

17. T For Travelin’ (full version)

18. Freight Train Yodel

19. Ramblin’

20. Lookin’ For Some Fun

21. Black Yodel No.3

22. Black Yodel No.4

23. Jimmie Was a Yodelin’ Man

24. Hank Sang Mostly Sad Songs

25. In the Cold, Cold Ground

26. Break One-Nine

27. Black Yodel No.5

28. Black Yodel No.6

29. Black Yodel No.7

30. Let Me Die In a Honky Tonk!

Mike Johnson Yodeling 40 Years [RCD22]

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