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Released: 25 September 2006 * UPC Barcode: 605633117424 * World Music Network CD #RGNET1174CD * Time: 63:25
A global yodeling treat featuring 18 yodelers from around the world, including Mike Johnson [track 14] Janet McBride [track 2] Carolina Cotton [track 11] and Kenny Roberts [track 15] This compilation is the brain child of Bart Plantenga, and was produced & released by the World Music Network in London, England. Plantenga is author of the best selling "Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo the Secret History of Yodeling Around the World" published in 2004 by Rutledge Press and "Yodel In HiFi" published in 2012 by the University of Wisconsin Press.
Sadly, the World Music Network terminated this classic album from their catalog in 2008, after a long battle with Mike Johnson by which they were forced to pay the him and the other artists their royalties as stipulated in the terms of their Licensing Agreement.
Mike Johnson has been featured in a number of Plantenga's yodeling projects since they personally met in May 2005 at one of Plantenga's yodeling lectures at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. Mike Johnson entered the annuals of yodeling history in Plantenga's follow-up book on global yodeling origins, "Yodel In HiFi" published by the University of Wisconsin Press in December 2012. Mike also contibuted photos and information on other yodelers he had met for the publication. 
1. Yodeling Lesson 01:19 Cathy Fink
2. A Yodeling Addiction 02:28 Janet McBride
3. Erika’s Alptraum 02:36 Christine Lauterburg
4. Schaferlied 04:32 Rosy & Paul Hirschi
5. Haiku Lingo 02:22 Shelly Hirsch & David Weinstein
6. Jaga Ode [Dubtrinik] 05:25 Alpendub Vs – the Man Cable
7. Hawaiian Cowboy 03:00 the Ho’OpI’I Brothers
8. La Rosa 03:13 Trio Los Camperos de Valles
9. Main Hoon Jhnoom Jhoom Jhumroo 03:08 Kishore Kumar
10. Inuit Wedding 03:53 Sainkho Namtchylak
11. Nola 02:34 Carolina Cotton
12. Anyway 04:45 Laura Love
13. My Morphine 05:48 Gillian Welch
14. Yeah, I’m a Cowboy 03:44 Mike Johnson
15. Just a Yodel For Me 02:58 Kenny Roberts
16. Yodeling Robot 03:32 Ed Sanders
17. Pygmy Divorce 05:35 Francis Bebey
18. Call of the Forest 01:48 Baka Beyond

Rough Guide to Yodel [RGNET1174CD]

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