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RCD57: Second Time Around! (Covering James Adelsberger Again)
Released 13 June 2022 * UPC: 061946000615 * Time: 36:14 * $12.99
Mike Johnson covers more of James Adelsberger recordings. It would be a sin to let any of the fantastic tracks that James created while he was with Roughshod Records sit around and collect dust, so we did it again! Mike really had to rehearse for this one because the tracks were created to James’ vocal style for his own releases. We think Mike did a pretty decent job for a 76-year old!
1. Bad Whiskey, Bad Sex, and Bad Men
2. Or You Can Tell Her That You’re Sorry
3. Livin’ Two Loves
4. Another Lonely Night-II (Mike & James co-write)
5. Here We Go Again-II (Mike & James co-write)
6. Doctor! Doctor!
7. Face Without a Name-II (Mike & James co-write)
8. Always For You
9. Barrooms and Bedrooms
10. Are They Really Dead and Gone?

Second Time Around! [RCD57]

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